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Out of Print Merchandise

Centurion Hobby Distributors Inc. has access to one of the largest stockpiles of out of print gaming materials (currently it is mostly Role-Playing Games, but tough to find Boardgames will be added in as they become available) in the world. The inventory is constantly changing and growing, but until now, there has never been a way for a retailer to get items with any consistency. Due to our access to these products, a special NET terms catalog will be created to allow you to order items for your customers. An extremely strict grading system is used to note defects (highlighting or pen marks, missing items, cover wear, usage level, etc.) so you know what you are buying and the NET prices will allow you to set the profit margin you and your customer feel comfortable with.

This catalog will eventually be available on-line (but password protected to ensure your customers can not see it) so that you can check the inventory immediately, and have an idea what it is available and the cost. In addition, lists can be faxed upon request. Any item you reserve will be immediately set aside for you when confirmed, so you can get it with your next order.

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