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Inventory Swaps

Over-ordering… No matter how hard you try, everyone does it and usually more than once. You over-ordered a particular item, and it did not sell that well in your store. Clearance discounting can set a dangerous precedent where your customers may start waiting for you to put items on clearance rather than buying it at normal prices. Throwing it on E-Bay, while effective, just does the same thing for another local store, and cheapens the perception of the product further. In addition, that product is tying up shelf space that can be used for something that will move for you. As a distributor, we see items selling in one area, and not as well in others. Just because it is a cold seller in one part of the country, does not mean we dont have a store placing constant reorders for that same product.

In order to help you with this situation, we have created an industry first. An online retailer to retailer swap system (it is important to note that only fellow retailers have access to the system). You are able to list any item you have in your store, and you name the price. The system handles everything from there. Centurion will take a 10% fee from the credit that is issued when a sale occurs, but there is no listing fee. You should absolutely continue to try and sell the product in the store. When another retailer requests to purchase your item, an e-mail is sent by the server to you asking you to confirm or deny the sale. If the item is available, and you wish to sell the item, confirm the sale and instructions for shipping it back to Centurion will be e-mailed to you. If the item has sold in the time since you listed it, just deny the sale, and it will be completely removed from the system. The potential buyer will be informed that the item is no longer available. This system allows you to browse all our customers product listings that they have put into the system. If you see something you want, you just click on the “Buy It” button. Centurion handles all the invoicing for the item, as well as collecting payment. We ship it with the buyer’s next order. The seller gets a credit (after the 10% fee is deducted) that can be used on any product in our warehouse with their next order. In the past, stores have steadily sold items in the system over course of a few months, and then used the proceeds to pay for their entire Magic or Wizkids order. Some buyers have used this as a great way to get cheap store filler for a new store. It really works. Simple and a win, win all around!

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