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Availability, Special Orders & Back Orders

It is our promise to attempt to keep a well stocked warehouse so that you can always get the items you need to make your store be successful. As long as a supply is available from manufacturers, it should be available from Centurion. Our Aegis online system allows you to place items that are out of stock, but not out of print, on back order. When a back-ordered item arrives, it will be added to your next order automatically. We do not back order items for you that may be out of stock when you place your order. You will have to do this via the Aegis online system. Special orders of items we may not regularly stock are always welcome and we are happy to do so for all our accounts. If enough special orders from our customers come in for a product line, then we will try to start stocking that line as soon as possible. Do bear in mind that due to manufacturer order minimums, we may not always be able to fill special orders.

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