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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Top Eleven and other books

Simply set:THE best game with a lengthy way to get your own Kindle Fire! Play your buddies(in case you have some…eternally lonely) Observe your games construct your arena(although it takes a appreciable quantity of time to totally update it). Get players out of a transfer marketplace (no actual gamers, though it’s possible to alter the […]

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Out of Print Merchandise

Centurion Hobby Distributors Inc. has access to one of the largest stockpiles of out of print gaming materials (currently it is mostly Role-Playing Games, but tough to find Boardgames will be added in as they become available) in the world. The inventory is constantly changing and growing, but until now, there has never been a […]

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Inventory Swaps

Over-ordering… No matter how hard you try, everyone does it and usually more than once. You over-ordered a particular item, and it did not sell that well in your store. Clearance discounting can set a dangerous precedent where your customers may start waiting for you to put items on clearance rather than buying it at […]

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Availability, Special Orders & Back Orders

It is our promise to attempt to keep a well stocked warehouse so that you can always get the items you need to make your store be successful. As long as a supply is available from manufacturers, it should be available from Centurion. Our Aegis online system allows you to place items that are out […]

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Payment Forms

*Payments can be made by Check, Money Order, COD, Visa, Mastercard and Paypal. *We accept Visa and Mastercard for payments on orders. There is NO fee for this method of payment, however such orders will not qualify for free shipping regardless of order size. Shipping charges will be added to the costs of all such […]

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