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Want to Sell us a New Product?

If you are an established company that has produced at least three products and have been in business for more than one year:

  1. If we do not currently carry items by your company, then you will need to send us some promotional materials and all the data on setting up a new account with you. Generally, we will do a solicitation for your products with our accounts via our pre-order process. Any promotional items you send us will be passed on to our customers in their next order. Once we have an idea of how many of a particular line/item they want, we will add some extra copies to the order and place it with you. It will take a month or so to get you into the next monthly update (depending on when you contact us in the month) and we will place our order as soon as possible. If we have been getting inquiries from some of our stores about your products, we may place a small initial order to meet that demand while the pre-order process mentioned above is taking place.

If you are a new company (less than a year old) and have not produced three or more products (Note When reading the following, please keep in mind that we are committed to making this industry grow, and that means helping the small press out. However, it is not possible to buy every item that is produced by the small press. The following guidelines will help you sell your product to us.):

  1. We will need to see a finished copy of the items that you have produced to date to get an idea of the salability of your products . If nothing has been produced, we will need to see a finished copy of your first product prior to placing our first order.
  2. When you have the finished product, we will need two complete playtest/demo kits (for trading card games, a kit will consist of one (1) starter deck and two (2) boosters for each player). One playtest/demo kit is given to a local store with a large in store game group, and they will give it an honest try. The other copy will be given to the member(s) of our staff who specializes in that area (board games, miniature games, trading card games, role playing games, accessories) for their evaluation. In both cases the store or individual will keep the item after they make their evaluation, and assuming we do order the product, these playtest copies will be used to demonstrate the product to potential new customers. Final-Version Playtest copies of a product are acceptable, as some of our staff playtest games for companies regularly, but these evaluations will greatly influence our likelihood of ordering your product, so having a finished product prior to our playtesting it will be to your advantage.
  3. Send us some promotional materials that we can send to our customers (we will give you an exact count when you contact us). It can be anything from a demo kit, to a flyer, to a poster. Anything we can pass on, we will. The more interest we help you generate, the more likely we will place an order.
  4. Sell us your product. What makes it different? Why is it the next greatest thing? What do you have planned to support it? What other materials for it are in the works? Give us a short summary of your plans. If you have a schedule of the cons you will appear at in the near future, let us know that as well. We have contacts with some long-standing conventions in the Northeast that could be an excellent place for you to show your wares.

If you make a good case, then it is highly likely we will pick it up and offer it to our customers, but if you have not laid out a framework to address any issues or concerns we may have, then odds are we will not. We think it is best to be honest in how we evaluate your products, so at least now you know what you are up against. Everyone here wishes you great success with your new product.

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