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Pre-Orders with the Aegis Online System

Centurion has the industry’s most advanced web-based pre-ordering system. Our system allows you to place your pre-orders online whenever is the best time for you. Each time you enter the site (your account is password protected), you will see all the pre-orders that you have made. You can add to or delete orders at any time up until the pre-order deadline. At that point, the number locks down, and the post order field will open up, allowing you to add to the order as the release date nears. For more information on how this works, click here. This system will also notify you whenever there is a change to the critical information of the item you have pre-ordered (release date, price, etc). You then have seven days to adjust your order (even if the pre-order deadline has passed). We have created a system that puts you, the retailer, in control of your orders as much as possible.

Upon arrival, these items are placed on hold for your account. Due to space limitations, upon reaching a $250 wholesale level they will be auto-shipped. We will make every effort to notify you that this is the case to see if you want to have any other items included before it ships.

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